Darling Hair USA | MIRACLE TOP H/T


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50% Synthetic High Heat Fiber and 50% Human Hair with 3 pull through layers and three toupee snap clips.  A very popular piece.

Length: Overall 4.5", Base 5" x 4" | Texture: 50% Synthetic High Heat Fiber / 50% Super Remy Human Hair | Cap Construction: Hand-Tied, Mono-Top with 3 Pull Through Layers, 3 clips

Key Features: Pull Thru: This piece features spaces for pulling your own hair through letting you customize your look.

3 Clips: 3 toupee snap clips sewn into the cap for a secure fit

All Hand Tied: Creates the appearance of completely natural growth.

Monofilament Top (Mono-Top): Fine nylon mesh with individual hairs hand-tied into the mesh. Allows hair to be parted in different directions and creates illusion of natural hair growth.

50% Synthetic High Heat Fiber / 50% Tangle-Free Super Remy Human Hair: Human hair with the complete hair strand including the cuticle which retains its ability to remain tangle-free and retain its original luster. Super Remy hair has been treated, but not compromised, to provide a consistently soft, healthy and natural look.