Darling Hair USA | MIRACLE TOP


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Human hair topper with pull-thru on left and right to blend with your own hair. Can be worn chin length, shoulder length and can be used to add bangs. It is an ideal solution for frontal hair loss. The monofilament strip offers coverage and styling versatility, while the spaced wefts allow seamless integration into the crown.

Length: Overall 10'', Base 4”x 5.5” | Texture: Super Remy Human Hair | Cap Construction: Mono-Top with 3 Pull Through Layers, Fishnet with 3 clips

Key Features: Pull Thru: This piece features spaces for pulling your own hair through letting you customize your look.

Fishnet with 3 clips:  A fish net plus three pull through layers allow the topper to adjust to any head size with built-in ventilation

Monofilament Top (Mono-Top): Fine nylon mesh with individual hairs hand-tied into the mesh. Allows hair to be parted in different directions and creates illusion of natural hair growth.

100% Tangle-Free Super Remy Human Hair: Human hair with the complete hair strand including the cuticle which retains its ability to remain tangle-free and retain its original luster. Super Remy hair has been treated, but not compromised, to provide a consistently soft, healthy and natural look.